You have about 5 seconds and the first three-quarters of your resume to make it or break it.  You should never, ever …

  1. Make spelling or grammatical errors.  Don’t rely on spell check to do the job for you.  It isn’t perfect.
  2. Change verb tense in one job description.  Use current tense for current jobs and past tense for past jobs.
  3. Camouflage your real name in an email address.  Cute names that describe your character are childish and unprofessional.
  4. Confuse the reader by using one email address and listing a completely different one on your resume.
  5. Use two different last names.  If you have changed your last name, make sure it is consistent throughout your communications.
  6. Leave out dates of employment or schooling.  This leads to suspicion about what you might be trying to hide.
  7. Add graphics or use fonts and colors.  These will not distinguish you.  They just get in the way.
  8. Leave out accomplishments.  Make sure you identify how you have improved profit and production.
  9. Include too much information.  Brief bullet points are much easier to read and stand out more than paragraphs.  Excessive reporting will not be read thoroughly. Important details will be overlooked.
  10. Omit keywords.  Electronic readers are programmed to search for particular words related to the job.  Customize your resume every time you apply for a job and incorporate words from the job description.
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