Employers are overwhelmed with the number of resumes they receive. It is an arduous task to determine which candidates have the most to offer if they do not highlight specific items. If you want to be selected, include information that demonstrates a commitment to the profession. Consider the following critical areas:


Identify projects that have resulted in more profit, winning a case, or making a job more efficient. Even the smallest triumph contributes to a better organization.


Membership in organizations that further education demonstrates a commitment to furthering the profession. Participating as an officer or a committee chair is a clear indication of initiative and motivation.

Academic achievement

Entry level applicants often list the classes they have taken but fail to highlight specific assignments that correspond to the position they are applying for.


Recognition at work, in school or in volunteer and extra-curricular activities are an immediate reference. Prevailing in any situation shows enthusiasm and a competitive outlook.

Continuing education

Additional coursework, seminars and certification are all excellent ways to gain respect from employers and can have a profound effect on career success.

Publications and speaking engagements

There are numerous legal journals and associations that are receptive to articles and public speakers. Both activities are an indication of your ability to teach what you know.

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