Use this code as a reminder to ask Seven Simple Questions that are likely to slip your mind when you get that life changing call to schedule a job interview.



Names.  Who are the interviewers? A recruiter will be more likely to ask basic questions, whereas an attorney will ask questions about experience and accomplishments.


Titles.  What are their titles?  Titles reveal a person’s position within the organization, their level of authority and will give you a clue about what questions they are most likely to ask.


Type.  How  many people will you see?  Walking into a conference room with a panel of interviewers when you are expecting to see one person can be a nerve-wracking experience.  


Place.  What are the road hazards?  Unanticipated construction, searching for parking lots and navigating a multiple building campus is an aggravation you do not need before an interview.


Time.  How long will the interview last?  A short interview implies the questions will be basic.  A longer interview will usually include more in-depth questions.  


Tests.  Will you be tested?  Although you cannot prepare for a personality or behavioral test, ask for the name of the test so you can familiarize yourself with it before you arrive.


Job.  What education, skills and knowledge are they looking for? Ask for a written job description so you will know how to maximize your presentation.


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