When was the last time you had a great idea that could move your career forward or make your business more profitable – but no one would listen? What if you proposed the idea as a ‘problem-solution’ in the form of a mini business plan using these 10 points as a guide?

  • Create a one to two-page report with a colorful, exciting cover and a catchy title
  • Present the report on a large screen for more impact
  • Include a brief, executive summary stating the idea as a problem
  • When presenting the solution, include the required resources, cost, funding, and list specific action points
  • Write objective, terse, bulleted statements that are simple and easy to read
  • Cite research from authoritative sources, including documents, articles, books and interviews
  • Post short and long-term goals on a calendar
  • Provide a mechanism for measuring the success (or failure) of the idea
  • Demonstrate your passion and confidence by guaranteeing the results
  • Consider emailing a teaser a day or two before the presentation and invite comments that will help you anticipate and prepare answers to questions and objections.

The easier it is for others to understand the profitability of your idea, the more seriously you will be taken, and the more participation you will get.  Use the mini business plan to create the momentum that will move your career and your organization forward.


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