One of the unique aspects of the legal profession is that it encompasses so many different areas of knowledge.  The overlap creates some interesting opportunities for entering the field, as well as transitioning out of traditional positions.

Getting your foot in the door can be greatly enhanced by bringing related knowledge and experience into an organization.  Added value is a way to distinguish yourself as a candidate, a way to expand the breadth of a position, and a way to get promoted.

Take commercial litigation as an example.  Corporate disputes encompass numerous areas, including contracts, labor, employment, human resources, insurance, bankruptcy and real estate. Personal injury litigation requires medical knowledge and an understanding of how health care institutions and medical professionals operate.

The knowledge you can take to a non-traditional position is equally as powerful. Experience in the litigation field is great training for positions in claims, investigation and risk management. Individuals with experience in automated support are primed for positions such as legal software representative, litigation management vendor, computer trainer and electronic records management.

Capturing your past experiences in a way that demonstrates added value will open doors in either direction – on the way in, or on the way out.

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